Kāryn Taylor is an installation artist who lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand. She holds an MFA (First Class) from Elam School of Art, Auckland and a BFA (Hons) from Massey University, Wellington.


Her work explores the space between the immaterial and the material, the transitional state between energy and matter. In quantum physics there is an idea that the observer and the observed are somehow connected and considers the problem of whether our experience of reality is determined by our observation. Taylor manipulates aspects of light, form and shadow in an attempt to understand this underlying potential of our physical surroundings.


Taylor exhibits both in New Zealand and Internationally, her shows include Personal Structures, Palazzo Mora, Venice, Art Arthina Contemporary Art Fair, Athens, Time. Space. Existance, Sanderson Contemporary, Auckland, Immaterial Alchemy, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne, Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Carraigeworks, Sydney, New Geometries, Sanderson Contemporary, Auckland, Abstract Philosophy, 30 Upstairs Wellington, Practical Metaphysics, Dunedin Fringe Festival. She has been a finalist in the National Contemporary Art Awards, Wallace Art Awards, Lola Anne Tunbridge Award and has numerous reviews of her work including EyeContact, John Hurrell, Taylor's Leaning Quadrilaterals, EyeContact, John Hurrell, Collecting and Emitting Light, Art Collector Magazine, Sue Gardiner, 2015 Undiscovered Artists, EyeContact, Peter Dornauf, National Contemporary Art Award in Hamilton, EyeContact, Glen Snow, Thinking in the Abstract.

Upcoming Exhibitions  

2020              Auckland Art Fair, The Cloud, Auckland

2020              Spring 1883, The Windsor, Melbourne

2020              Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Carriageworks, Sydney 

2020              Solo Show, Millers O'Brien, Wellington


Solo Exhibitions

2019               Electric Hum, Gallery 9, Sydney 

2019               The Shape of a Circle, Sanderson Contemporary, Auckland

2019               How to Construct Your Universe, Millers O'Brien, Wellington

2018                Elements of Euclid, Sanderson Contemporary, Auckland  

2018                Diagram for a Quantum Event, Te Tuhi Gallery, Auckland 

2017                Implicate Order, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne

2017                Time.Space.Existence, Sanderson Contemporary, Auckland

2016                Line to Plane, Sanderson Contemporary, Auckland

2015                Line of Site, Sanderson Contemporary, Auckland

2015                Immaterial Alchemy, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne

2015                New Geometries, Sanderson Contemporary, Auckland

2014                Jacob’s Ladder, Corner Gallery, Auckland

2010                Jacob’s Ladder, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin


Group Exhibitions

2019                Moniek Schrijer Kāryn Taylor Erica van Zon, Millers O'Brien, Wellington

2019                Geometry of Thought, Wallace Art Trust, Pah Homestead, Auckland

2019                Illusions, Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne

2018                Melbourne Art Fair, Southbank Arts Precinct, Melbourne

2018                Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Carriageworks, Sydney

2018                Auckland Art Fair, The Cloud, Auckland

2017                Personal Structures, Palazzo Mora, Venice

2017                Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Carriageworks, Sydney

2017                Art-Athina Contemporary Art Fair, Faliron Pavilion, Athens, Greece

2016                Auckland Art Fair, The Cloud, Auckland

2016                Art-Athina Contemporary Art Fair, Faliron Pavilion, Athens, Greece

2015                Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Carriageworks, Sydney

2015                Light, 30upstairs, Wellington

2015                Kāryn Taylor and Sandra Bushby, Window Gallery, Auckland

2015                Sculpture, Sanderson Contemporary, Auckland

2014                New Zealand Sculpture on Shore, Fort Takapuna, Auckland

2014                Wallace Art Award, Wallace Arts Trust, Auckland

2014                National Contemporary Art Award, Waikato Museum, Auckland

2013                Abstract Philosophy, 30upstairs, Wellington

2013                The Other Place, Allpress Gallery, Auckland

2013                Launch 2012, Projectspace B431, Auckland

2012                Quietly Confident, SOFA Gallery, Christchurch

2012                Lola Anne Tunbridge Award, Projectspace B431, Auckland

2009                A Matter of Mind, Dunedin Fringe Festival, Dunedin

2008                Practical Metaphysics, Dunedin Fringe Festival, Dunedin

2005                To There and Back Again, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

2004                Cup Cup, New Dowse Gallery, Lower Hutt


Grants and Awards

2018                Finalist, one of three finalists for Fulbright-Wallace Award

2017                Merit Award, Parkin Drawing Prize

2017                Jan Warburton Arts Trust Grant

2014                Sponsorship, New Zealand Sculpture on Shore

2014                Finalist, Wallace Art Award

2014                Finalist, National Contemporary Art Award

2012                Finalist, Wallace Art Award

2012                Finalist, Lola Anne Tunbridge Award

2008                Mitre10 Mega, Dunedin Fringe Festival Grant

1994                North American Corporate Design Award I

1994                North American Corporate Design Award II

1994                Murphy Award (USA)

1994                West Coast Show Award (USA)


Wallace Arts Trust, Auckland
Elliot Eyes Collection, Sydney
Justin Art House Museum, Melbourne
ACU Art Collection, Sydney
Florida Kyriacopoulos Private Collection and Museum, Athens, Greece


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